Trick Question, Most Knight Moves Possible.

Apr 22, 2014, 6:51 AM |

Here is a Trick Question.  What are the most number of possible Knight Moves in a position?  Answer?  Nine.  Why?  Because sometimes the best Knight move is not to move the Knight at all.  The context of this question is from a basic point that many beginners fail to remember, including myself.  When your opponent brings a Knight to a square which in effect offers a Knight for Knight Trade it can be induce this mindset of "I guess I'll trade knights then" as the automatic and even mindless reaction.  However while this may result in material equality, it can still result in a positional disadvantage and loss.  If your opponent is recapturing this Knight Trade with his Queen or (any peice really) that Queen or piece can be in a better position to continue your opponents attack.  

So when your opponent offers a knight trade some questions one may ask is:

1.  Should I move my knight?  If so, I have 8 options to consider (unless of course your knight is on the rim or in the corner, etc.)

2. (or move #9) Should I let my knight sit tight?  If so, will there be a re-capture for me that leads me to a positional advantage. 

Of course there are countless other questions to consider but I need to remember the 9th option more often.