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    Bishops are usually strongest in open positions. The fewer pawns in the way of a Bishop the greater its scope...Every time you move a pawn, check to see how it affects the activity of your Bishops! Obviously, turning an open position into a closed one will have a serious effect on these pieces, so train yourself to take the health and care of your Bishops into account. While an active Bishop might look good, a useful Bishop trades style for substance and addresses the deeper needs(both dynamic and defensive) of a position...

    Always think twice before placing your pawns on the same color of your Bishop! In general you should do this if your Bishop can get outside the pawn chain(which would make it active), or if your Bishop is proving useful (most likely as a defender) inside the chain...If you have a Tall-Pawn, try to free it by getting the pawns off its color or by getting it outside the pawn chain. Failing those things, you can also try and exchange it for an enemy minor piece(thus following our "trade bad pieces for good ones" rule)...All the knowledge and good intentions in the world won't stop you from ending up with a Tall-Pawn from time to time. If this occurs, you need to: Get your pawns off the color of your good Bishop(unblocking it)...Get your Bishop outside the pawn chain...Exchange the horrible Bishop for an enemy Bishop or Knight.

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