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. Maybe there is hope

Apr 17, 2009, 9:38 PM 3

I started to play chess when I was twelve years old or at least that’s when I learned how to move the pieces.  My friend and I traveled around the country quite a bit I had a 1966 dodge van that we converted into a camper.  Every evening for about a year we would play chess, we never used a timer and sometimes the game would last for hours.  More often than not we would forget who’s turn it was.  Chess was always a great way to meet people it didn’t matter what country we were in or what language they spoke.  Chess is a universal language.  That was a long time ago, and we have come a long way, if you asked me 45 years ago if in the future it would be possible to sit in your room and play chess with people all around the world I wouldn’t believe it. I have met some really nice people playing chess online.  This may sound dumb but I played a guy from Iran the other day and being from the United States I thought he would hate me.  We both enjoyed our game and were polite to each other.  Maybe there is hope for us after all. 

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