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Samuel Lipschutz (1863-1905)

Samuel Lipschutz (1863-1905)

May 1, 2008, 9:16 AM 3


Samuel Lipschutz was born in 1863 in Hungary but emigrated to the USA in 1880 at the age of seventeen.  His chess career started to blossom in 1883, as he was chosen to participate in high level chess club matches, representing New York against Philadelphia.  In 1885 he won the championship of the New York Chess Club.  He had impressive tournament victories over Johannes Zukertort and George Henry Mackenzie in the 1886 London International Tournament.


At the 6th American Chess Congress in 1889, Lipschutz would assume the title of United States Champion by virtue of being the highest placing American in the tournament.  He would lose his title in 1890 to Jackson W. Showalter, but regain it two years later in convincing fashion (+7 -1 =7) over Showalter in 1892.  Lipschutz then announced his retirement from competitive chess and the title reverted back to Showalter. He would eventually come out of retirement in 1895 and wanted his title back, but was again beaten by Showalter (+4 -7 =3).


At the Manhattan Chess Club Championship in 1900, Lipschutz would finish first over an impressive field that included Showalter and future United States Champion, Frank Marshall.  He would face world champion Emanuel Lasker three times in 1901 and 1902, winning once and drawing twice.  Lipschutz was ailing from lung disease during his later years. He traveled to Hamburg in 1905 for treatment, where he ended up dying after an operation.


Here is his victory over Lasker in 1902:



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