CHESS.COM/TV Basic Rules & Guidelines for Participants

CHESS.COM/TV Basic Rules & Guidelines for Participants

Jul 11, 2015, 4:08 PM |

Hello, Fans!

For convenience sake, here you will find basic rules and guidelines for For more in-depth info, look to the “Constitution” News post in the Group, And for MUCH more in-depth info on site rules, check the page on the site itself.


The Chat Room is unlike other chat rooms. Because these chats accompany interactive TV broadcasts which involve the hosts, and our policy is for viewership to be appropriate for a general audience, rules are necessary for the proper functionality of the shows. Our goal is to keep the chat room comfortable, fair and respectful for ALL viewers of all ages, enabling further enjoyment of our outstanding broadcasts.


Below you will find:

  • Basics on Forum and Chat Room Etiquette  (these are in addition to the Basic Site Rules listed below)
  • Things specific to the Chat Room during LIVE broadcasts
  • Basic Site Rules (a very condensed version)


 Basics on Forum and Chat Room etiquette:


1.    SPAMMING / SOLICITING: There is NO spamming or soliciting allowed.

2.    ABUSE: Do not verbally abuse, attack, embarrass or threaten anyone (commonly known as “flaming”). Take continuing disagreements offline, and if it is necessary for mediation, at that time contact the administration.

3.    LANGUAGE / WORDING: Do not use what is commonly considered obscene, offensive, or sexually abusive language. It is not necessary to use this kind of language in order to get your point across to others. This includes acronyms (abbreviations) that stand for the words you want to use, and “masking” words by using substitute characters.  These constitute as actually using or spelling out the words and doing so falls under moderator actions.

4.    CAPITAL LETTERS: When typing, do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS; this is the equivalent of SHOUTING. Capitalizing a word or two for emphasis is fine, but ALL words is unacceptable and rude. It also interferes with communication between moderators, hosts and special guests.

5.    COURTESY: It is common courtesy to be welcoming in chat rooms and be mutually respectful.

6.    AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS: If what you say can be misunderstood in some way, it is best to let the others know your intended meaning by emoting. For example, if you are making a sarcastic comment or joke, add a wink ;) or smile :) or an appropriate emoticon to clarify when necessary.

7.    THINK BEFORE YOU POST: Take care not to express yourself mindlessly, opening the possibility of inadvertently insulting someone, whether it be the hosts, moderators or other members. Also, do not expose personal content that should be kept private.

Things specific to the TV chat room during LIVE broadcasts:

1.    HOSTS and MODERATORS are the ONLY ones permitted to use ALL CAPS when deemed necessary within the chat room. It is very important to follow this rule so as not to become distracting to the hosts, making it difficult for them to follow the chat properly and spot important messages easily and promptly. If you ignore this rule, you risk being warned/muted or possibly banned from the chat room.

2.    CONVERSATION: It is natural for conversations in chat to deviate, but purposely distracting chat conversations from the relevant topic(s) in an extensive or trolling way is considered disruptive and may lead to a moderator action by the show hosts and/or moderators, possibly without readmission.

3. USE OF CHAT WINDOW: Using the chat window on the broadcast page is prohibited should, for some reason, the window be accidentally left open during “non-show” hours. Doing so will lead to some form of reprimand by Staff.

Basic Site Rules:

*NOTE: These rules apply to ALL venues on, including all things connected with (the shows, chat room, official Group, etc.). is a friendly community for those who love chess! Please be on your best behavior as you play chess and interact with others. Failure to follow these rules will result in your account being closed.

Interacting with Members is a safe place for people to come and enjoy. There should be no abusive language, personal attacks, threats, or any other unkind behavior.

Keep It Clean

You may not post any offensive content on including your username, avatar, or personal description. You may not add any offensive comments, chat, or other content. The following behavior is prohibited and can result in your being kicked or banned: cheating, using offensive/vulgar language, using toilet humor, making personal attacks, spamming or advertising competitive websites, religious or political debate, intentionally pointless/distracting posts, and discussion of illegal activities (drugs, etc).

Member Conduct

You agree to not use the Service to:

1.     upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

2.     threaten or harm minors in any way;

3.     "stalk" or otherwise harass another;

4.     impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a representative, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;

5.     forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted through the Service;

6.     upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that you do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships;

7.     upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;

8.     upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that are designated for such purpose;

9.     upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;

10.disrupt the normal flow of dialogue or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other users' ability to engage in real time exchanges;

11.interfere with or disrupt the Service or servers or networks connected to the Service, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the Service;

12.intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, and any regulations having the force of law; and/or

13.collect or store personal data about other users in connection with the prohibited conduct and activities set forth in the paragraphs above.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service (including your username), use of the Service, or access to the Service. You agree that your account is non-transferable.

Thank you, viewers, for reading and complying with these general rules/guidelines. The Staff, Hosts and Moderators greatly appreciate this!