LIVE CHESS: How to Challenge, etc.

LIVE CHESS: How to Challenge, etc.


Because I don’t actually play much chess on this site (yes, I know *sigh*), and never in LIVE Chess, I’ve not been very familiar with how that area of works. That’s when roninreturns stepped in and was kind enough to share a bit of his expertise. (I also, just found this article by Hydra written in 2012. I'm sure much still holds true: .) Now, when I instruct someone in how to challenge someone in LIVE Chess, I can feel confident the instructions are correct :) An example would be when someone wants to challenge IM Daniel Rensch for Bullet Brawls. This is one way you would go about doing it:


HOW TO CHALLENGE DANNY (during the show): GO to PLAY > LIVE CHESS > PLAY LIVE CHESS > click ALERTS tab > in bottom of chat window type: /challenge danielrensch 1 0 



Using that as an example (and keeping in mind that you never actually type in the quotation marks), the “/challenge danielrensch 1 0” part of the instructions is the “command.” You first type “/challenge” then the “member name” of the person you want to challenge (be precise), then the time controls


While teaching me, ronin informed me that there are many other “commands” to know while in LIVE Chess. Once I frequent it more often, I know these commands will come in handy. I'm a very big "chart" person, making and using them for just about everything because I find it makes many things easier. Below is the easy-to-read "LIVE Chess commands" chart I made. You may also find it useful as reference for typing in the commands or if you prefer to copy and paste, and have them a "mouse click" away IN LIVE Chess itself, in any window within that arena, type “/commands” (do not type the quotation marks) and all the information listed in the chart below will appear there.


You can also challenge someone by directly clicking a person’s name while they are actually in LIVE Chess, playing or not, then clicking on “Challenge to a Game.” One place is in a chat room under the "Chats" tab. Another way is through the “Friends” tab by clicking on a friend’s name and challenging. If you go to the “Games” tab and “View” a game, you can click the players’ names which appear in the top window, then challenge.


Should you want to watch the games of a particular player, you'd type the command “/follow” (minus the quotation marks) then type the member’s name. You would then be able to continuously watch the games that person is playing and should you want to challenge him/her, click on that player’s name and again choose “Challenge to a Game.” You can easily challenge someone using either method.

I hope this helps!


LIVE CHESS: “commands” to type in





List of general commands (all included in this chart)


Creates a seek of 1 minutes.



Creates a seek of 3 minutes.


Creates a seek of 5 minutes.


Creates a seek of 10 minutes.


Accepts last challenge received.

/archive /history    

Loads user's games archive. Example: /archive Bishop or/archive

/best /rank    

Open a tab with a histogram of the best live chess players. Example/best or /best bullet

/chat /c    

Sends a chat request. Example:/chat Bishop



Declines last challenge received.

/examine /analyze    

Opens an Analysis board. If you are in a game, it opens a board to analyze together the recently finished game.

/finger /f /fi /info /profile /who    

Shows user's profile information. Example:/finger Bishop


Follows user's games / prints a list of followed users. Example: /follow Bishop or /follow



Takes you to the messaging board


Observes ongoing user's games. Example: /observe Bishop


Takes you to the “change password” page


Checks my lag or a user's lag. When in a game, it checks both player's lag. Example: /ping or /ping Bishop

/play /challenge    

Challenges a user with specified clock settings. Example: /play Bishop 2 12

/quit /exit    

Quits Live Chess.


Takes you to the “refer to friends” page

/seek /seeking    

Creates a “seek” with specified clock settings. Example: /seek 5 0


Toggles sound.

/stats /stat /statistics    

Displays specified player's statistics. Example: /stats Bishop

/tell /t    

Sends a chat request. Example:/tell Bishop How was your vacation?


Observes top games of the type bullet, blitz, standard or friend. Example:/top friend, /top blitz


Stops following a user / stops following all. Example: /unfollow Bishopor /unfollow

/help /h /commands    

Sends a question to a moderator. Example: /help How do I castle?

/help <your question here>

Type /help <your question here> to ask your question to a moderator.