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A Decisive Sacrifice that Breaks All Resistance!

A Decisive Sacrifice that Breaks All Resistance!

Jul 25, 2010, 6:36 PM 6

When Fritz say’s something as cool as the title of this entry, you’ve just got to immortalize it in a blog posting.

The following game involved a contest between me and a new opponent. Such first-time outings usually prove to be interesting as neither side really knows what to expect from the other. Such was the case here in which the advantage slid from side to side during the entire battle. I won the opening, lost the middle game, but rallied for a victory in the endgame.

I have Black.

Check it out:

And victory is mine because all my pawns are running past the remaining two guards: White’s Bishop and King. The lesson is clear: don’t overwork your pieces; they have enough to do already.

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