I Keep on Fighting….


Emanuel Lasker was a dogged Chessplayer; a man who would never concede defeat no matter how bad the situation appeared to be over the Chessboard. Once, a man approached the famed Chessmaster and enquired as to why he was so reticent about resigning lost positions. Lasker famously replied, “I keep on fighting as long as my opponent can make a mistake."

I have always loved that quotation because not only is it great advice for the Chessplayer, but it is also great advice for our day to day adversarial relationships away from the chessboard. Somehow I suspect Machiavelli would have found a way of incorporating Lasker’s wisdom into The Prince.

I recently had an opportunity to apply Mr. Lasker’s advice in a game of live Chess. I quickly found myself in dire trouble, but refused to resign and fought on for an eventual victory….

[Some notations by Fritz 11]



Never doubt Lasker.... Wink

PS:  Love the new chess viewer app!  Nice job, Chess.com! Cool