The Reti

Oct 12, 2009, 8:32 AM |

The Reti opening for white is easily my favorite opening, And also very favored throughout the world of chess. many chess players including myself love the reti for its wide flexibility. If black plays d5 ,which is the most common play for black after Nf3, the reti gambit comes into play as shown below.

As you can see the Reti Gambit gives you a nice starting position and great control over the center of the board. However a flaw i do not enjoy of this position is that the queen is being brought into play very early in the game. if black chooses to play anything other thatn d5, a great opening to transfer to is the king's indian attack as shown below.

The reason for posting this in my blog is to show a quick example of why the Reti opening is widely used in chess.