How to Find a Good Chess Teacher in 5 Steps

Jul 27, 2009, 8:09 AM |

Okay. I know what you are thinking. I'm probably just advertising. No way! I used these to find some good chess teachers. Unfortunately, I forgot some of them.

1.Visit various chess teachers teaching office and ask for a business card.(You will know if they are popular or not if they have a business card. Also if card holder is more full or empty.)

2.Go back to your house and go on their websites.(If they have them.)

3.If they don't, but have their information at a house go their if you think it might be a good place to learn chess. If they do,(have a website) read the information and the price.

4.Find a not-to-expensive one that you like and askĀ  if you can have a 10 minute trial. If you can't, then sign up for one lesson.

5.If you like it, then there you go! A goo chess teacher in 5 steps! Some teachers I recommend are Mr. Yuan, Ms. Golts, Mrs.Golts and Mr. Golts. The Golts' son is good,, as well.