Lessons of Ancient Sensei

Jan 23, 2010, 4:38 PM |

Lessons of Ancient Sensei

Dry leaves crunch like apple peel
under the feet of free children.
Sunlight embraces the raging
slides of empowered nettles.
Northeastern right angles
signal the release from pain.
Incomplete deliberation causes
constant mind implosion.

Entwined in dogma, I refuse to
put down my teacup until it is empty.
I burn my hands, but my friends are here
to make me laugh, to make me smile.
Scented wildberries fragrance our
caressing nails, and a faint chorale
from the Orient can be heard
mourning over the mountainside.

We can never be sure entirely
of our foot size, yet stealth should
not be compromised. Our hanging grape,
the fickle taste of toxicity,
sharpens the touch of your palm.
It isn't stalking if there is no motive.
And in my discovery, I cannot contain
the joy within myself.

I have learnt nothing that I didn't already
know that you didn't. But in my absence,
I forget that I cannot see.