Lessons of Literature for IB Commentaries

Jan 15, 2010, 4:34 AM |

Lessons of Literature for IB Commentaries

Shakespeare can be pronounced 'Shake spear'
Spear shakeing is not onomatopoeia
Onomatopoeia has six syllables.
Monosyllabic has five syllables.
That line demonstrated irony.
Something that is also ironic is iron.
That was not punny.
Double entendres do not innuendo.
That was not insinuating 'In your end, oh!'
Homophones are not homophobic.

'As slow as a snail' is a simile.
A simile is similar to the word 'similar'.
Tautological expressions are often not.
That sentence was a fragment.
Fragments make poems interesting to read.
It should have contained the word 'logical
at the end.
You should have noticed the enjambment
by now. Caesura is also worth mentioning.
'Your face' is a stupid metaphor.

All poems that rhyme are bad.
This poem does not rhyme and so is good.
If good was replaced by sad, this poem would be bad.
But it is not.
Shakespeare said this was a great poem because of its

Tight structure.