The Alchemist

Jan 6, 2010, 3:33 PM |

This is a poem I wrote which I plan to enter in a poetry competition. It has the theme 'Life, the Universe and Everything'. Hope you enjoy.

The Alchemist

Life's lessons are contained within
a conical flask, heated in a bubbling

cauldron of sweltering gold in a distant
macabre atelier.
For those who miss the interchange
Follow the platinum trail into
incoming traffic. You know steel
can’t hurt you.
These corrupt and putrid lead sores
charm the moon into eclipse, their vigour
of nickel teaches hardship - ferrous pain
no less so – enough for the budding
zen master.
Being enlightened in the universe
means only to have sacred bronze. Travel back
and be greeted by the nickel codex.
Success of Magnum Opus proportions, a custom
to occult unification – but mind the thorny fire –
and be enveloped into a higher state of

The alchemist learns all of life’s lessons from the meniscus.