My New Year's Chess Resolution

My New Year's Chess Resolution

Dec 28, 2016, 2:55 AM |

As I was struggling to put on paper my OVERALL New Year's Resolution, I came about this post on and I decided it is a good idea to start a new blog here on to track down my journey focusing my chess studies for 2017.  So in summary my journey will hopefully look something like this: 


 1- Tournaments: although the article speaks of real time tournaments as the best learning experience, I do not think I am ready yet. So my goal will be: 

 Playing one Tournament at least on every month for 2017. 

 2- Tactics: this will be a two-fold goal. On one side I have been doing it totally wrong with Tactics, solving them while on the bus or train to work sometimes without any focus and with minimum attention to my rating. So my Tactics goal will be: 

 Solving my daily 5 tactics in a suitable environment, and to start climbing up my rating from a current 1428 to exceed my highest of 1566 within the first three months. Also, to identify the themes I am weak at and solve at least another 5 daily using the "Custome (Unrated)". 

I will review this goal at the end of the said period to update my new rating target for year end or the next quarter. 

 3- Drills: using this important feature on I will be supporting my study plan with the target of:

 Learning one checkmate drill a month at least for 2017. 

 4- Study Plan: something I do not even remember where I left, but I will definitely be picking up as of now as I am planning to: 

 Picking up my study plan on and completing it before the end of 2017 

 5- A Chess Coach: although the article also spoke of the importance of finding a coach, which is something I believe in personally given my own career, I am not sure I can afford one at the moment, but in the case things changed in the coming few months I will be

 Looking for a Chess Coach to help me with my Chess studies. 

6- Chess Blog: as a blogger myself I believe in the importance of writing about things one want to further develop, hence my first post here, and the plan will be to: 

 Writing frequent updates about the progress I am achieveing on each of the above 5 goals. 


So this was my first post here on and although I am not expecting comments from anyone it would be great and much appreciated if someone decided to drop me a hint on how better to tackle my plan laid in the above.