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When will chess.com really stops cheater from cheating?

When will chess.com really stops cheater from cheating?

May 23, 2017, 10:40 PM 0

I play 2 games with a player from India today, at the first game it seems like everything is alright, although I lose the game but I said to myself "OK no problem it is a fair game, he beats me because he is a lot more skillful than I am, I will take that as a lesson", then it comes the second game and during the game it clearly shows he is running out of time but strangely his time suddenly increases in a unbelievable manner (I know the 5/5 game will increase your time but not in the amount I expected especially it takes him so long to think about every move and the time still increases 20 seconds per move for him). From there onward I know he is cheating (time cheat). I have recorded it down at least 10 times on time cheat on chess.com but I refuse to publish the video online because "I am a person with self control and thus will not and do not want to bring further embarrassment to chess.com so those videos will remain as a secret forever". 


Oh well, I really hope chess.com will look into this time cheat matter seriously because it really hurts those player who wants to play legit chess on chess.com. 


"The person who cheats really does not believe in himself and his own skill, when your expectation on yourself is high but you cannot win because you are weak then the only method for you to live up to the expectation is through cheating" !


"No matter win or lose a man will come back again and beats the opponent with his true skill not through cheating"


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