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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Feb 11, 2008, 5:49 PM 0

Hello Chess.com.

My name is Ryan, I'm from Buffalo, NY.

I'm 25, and I haven't tried to seriously play chess in 10 + years.  About a month ago, I started playing online chess on Yahoo!, and was having a good time.  I would have games where I was dominated, games I controlled.  By the time I became serious, I needed to get off Yahoo!, and find a real place to play chess, everyone other game, your opponent disconnects, and you are stuck with a loss....

I got set up on FICS, loggin in with BabasChess, and got destroyed over and over.  I quickly took a step back, and began researching tactics and strategy, which is when I came across Chess.com!  In the last 2 weeks, I have definatly improved my game, and have been winning games. 

Here is quite possibly my worst game I've played, many many many many mistakes were made on both sides, but a few key moves helped me control key sections of the game.

Here's a good starting point to begin measuring progress on, a horrible sloppy game that I was able to win.  I was white, and my opponent had a provisional rating.


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