My Sweltering Muggy Summer Swiss

Jul 11, 2012, 6:57 PM |

Hello again, everyone.  I hope you all are having a pleasant summer.  In Milwaukee, WI, where I have been spending my time lately, it has been an unusually hot summer so far, with several back to back days breaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Unfortunately I have not studied as much chess as I had planned so far, but I have participated in a three round swiss (the second game I took a bye because of a prior plan that conflicted with the round).  I hope you enjoy these two games, they were fun to play.  While certainly not my best form, they at least show how to keep a position hot in spirit by holding the initiative and not letting go.  In the first round example I pursue a line of play that is more than just dubious (reckless I would say) and because my opponent was practically not as prepared to deal with the pressure (not that there was much) I got lucky and won.    



After taking a week off of otb play because of social event I attended instead, I was ready for the final round.  I knew afterwards that because of the half round bye I took I could only max out at 2.5/3 and there was one player with 2.0 going into the final round.  So essentially I was shooting for second place unless the other player lost.  I was lucky that after playing e4 as white my opponent responded with the glorious e5, allowing me to test my theory in my pet opening, the scotch gambit.  He played very passively and with some nice play I gave away the center and solved my opponent's structural problems (potentially) in order to grab the initiative. I won in less than 20 moves, though it is not as simple as the game would seem and I received a fair amount of help from my adversary.

Thanks for viewing these games. Please leave comments and suggestions on either, or on the blog as a whole.  I'll be updating soon with a win over an expert in a simul that I just played.  With it I'll discuss my findings on a particularly sharp and topical line of the Benoni Defense.  Cheers!