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Positional Domination: Bruzon-Mikhalevski 2013 Edmonton

Positional Domination: Bruzon-Mikhalevski 2013 Edmonton

Jun 30, 2013, 9:37 PM 1

In the ongoing Edmonton International there have been some recent developments of great interest.  I have been following some of the games as there are some very strong players competing.  They have made for a great subject of study to help me develop a better sense of the Royal Game.  Today I wish to examine the recent gem Bruzon-Mikhalevski. I have a great respect for both of these powerful Grandmasters: Bruzon for his fiery, tactical strengths and Mikhalevski for his imaginative understanding of dynamic imbalances (As can be seen in his wonderful videos on chess.com!).  In the following Ruy Lopez, we see a powerful demonstration of a positional exchange sacrifice and patient positional strangulation with restiction of all counterplay.  It is quite instructive.  The game may also demonstrate something of interest about theoretical novelties because as far as I can tell black's 16th move brings a new idea to the table in a line where white was already doing quite well.  Please help me in my study of this game with analysis in the comments.  Thanks and enjoy!


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