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How I Became Interested In Chess

How I Became Interested In Chess

May 9, 2014, 3:53 PM 0

 Chess has been a game that I have played throughout my entire life.  This year, chess has entered my life and has become a major commitment.  I joined my high school's chess team, attended chess lessons, and participated in school tournaments.  However this is all recent.  The title of this post is "How I became interested in chess", not "Chess in My Daily Life".  

     The first time I saw a chess board was 10 long years ago, at a Saturday Scholars chess class.  That class taught me the "basics of chess".  I didn't learn moves such as "En Passant" or "Castling" until this year.  At that early age, I had no concept of strategy.  I had no idea how to play "The Opening", "The Middle-Game", or "The End-Game".  I would open with bizarre moves like f3 or a3.  

     In 8th Grade, I finally learned some basic strategies, but I didn't take any of them into consideration.  

     In my junior year of high school, I somehow became obsessed with the game.  I began studying openings, tactics, strategies, grand-master games, end-games, etc.  Chess has become a major part of my social life too.  I have made many friends through the sport and hope to make more next season.   

     Chess has been with me my entire life and I hope that it will continue to be with me in the future.  

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