a few good collection :)

Aug 26, 2013, 9:44 AM |

A few collections of some funny, emotional, inspirational, love etc etc messages of my inbox.

1. Be silent in two situations---->

    a. When you feel one cant understand your feelings from words and

    b. when one can understand you without any words.

2. "The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret." self discipline is the biggest investment for success in life.

3. 3 ways to write an examintaion~~~~

    a. look up for INSPIRATION.

    b. Look down for CONCENTRATION.

    c. Look around for INFORMATION :P :D

4. I asked shakespeare " you married a girl elder than you, why?"

he showed me a calendar and said "a week has 7 days...can you say which day is younger , either sunday or saturday....?

so, love comes from heart and not from age.

MORAL- 4th year girls are also available for 1st year boys! :P :D

5.  A rich dad took his son to show poverty----

after the trip he asked his son about poverty

son replied " we have 1 dog, they have many, we have a small pool, they have a long river, we have light they have stars, we have a small piece of land they have large fields, we buy food they grow for themselves and for others aswell. Dad was speechless. they boy said- thanks dad for showing us how poor we are.


life is all about how we see and accept things.

6. love-----superb line

"i can take care of myself......but still i want to meet the person who can prove that i cant" :)

7. If a drop of water falls in a lake there is no identity but if it falls on lotus it shines like a pearl. so, choose the best place were you can shine.

8. Fact------> "A lovable person is a medicine for any kind of pain, but there is no medicine available in the world for pain given by the lovable person"

9. When the body was 1st made, all parts wanted to be boss. brain said I because i decide. so did feet, lungs, hands, heart, eyes etc.

Finally asshole said I should be the boss. All started laughing so, asshole went on strike, blocked itself and refused to open. In a short time hands cranked, eyes blurred, ears ommitted hot air, brain went heavy, heart and lungs panicked. so all  made it boss.....

MORAL- it does not matter how taelnted you are, any asshole can be your boss :)

10. No matter how noble your INTENTIONS are, world always judges you by your PRESENTATIONS. No matter how noble your PRESENTATIONS are god judges you by your INTENTIONS. so, BE GOOD like Me :P :DD