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it happens only in india.

it happens only in india.

Jan 6, 2014, 6:28 AM 5

hello everyone! i've just encountered this news in the national newspaper where a 50 yr old school teacher sends an eight page love letter including 'shayaris' to his high school student and with also that sends cash of rs. 5000(~$85) for her to go shopping.

which guy at the age of 50 does that? he definately must have had some soft corner for that student and it came all of a sudden on those eight pages.

that girl showed the letter to the school principal and her principal called up her parents leading to a complaint against that school teacher. here is the funny part, police arrested him for ' allegedly molesting' a high school girl. 

love has no age bar, no caste, no religion etc. school teacher was in 'love' with that student and in india there is no law which states you will be punished if you love someone. parents did put pressure on the police to take some action against him and police must have went in a thought for a while under which section we should book and keep him in custody just to please the parents of that girl. so, they ultimately came up with 'allegedly molesting, which wasnt fair enough for that teacher.

everyone-- girl, parents, police are correct on their part. parents love their daughter so, they logded a complaint. police must have been in under pressure so they had to lodge a complain of molesting as there is no law in india for confessing your love to someone. and the school teacher was too correct on his behalf when it comes to those feelings! so, what went wrong? any solution?

well, you may find this article worth ignoring. i know i know. but after reading it you definately would say 'it happens only in india' :P


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