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Jul 17, 2011, 9:42 AM 0

Few words written on my letter
You see again and again who is sender.
Tried to put it in computer hard disk
All on a sudden it dragged to word pad.
Words are hazy, is crazy? Is lazy?
No i am lady.
Feminist written the same
If it in my hard disk for fame.
It’s stashed; it may be dammed but rammed
I may be lost but he can not be.
i will see when i am free.
Papers are thrown away in litter bin.
Again i have separated from my bin to share in.
Dashed the litter bin by my leg, all are dropped out.
But words are not kept out.
Now words are not hazy, are in golden color
Wrapped it but hated my behavior.
saroj khan sakha

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