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first cause

first cause

Dec 16, 2007, 6:22 AM 1

Purpose ?  the purpose of anything created comes from the intents of the creator.  So, you have to ask yourself - is there a creator, God?   Science has shown that the Universe had a "beginning", a starting point.  They tend to call it "a big bang", but there is something else Science has shown us, and that is that "out of nothing, nothing comes"  (in fact if there was ever a time when "Nothing" existed, then "nothing" would exist today. ) and that things at rest tend to stay at rest.  So, what made "nothing", on a particular tuesday afternoon, explode into everything?

For every effect, there has to be a cause.  At the risk of infinite regression, there has to be a "FIRST CAUSE" .  For there to be a material, imminent universe to exist, there had to be a transendant, immaterial first cause.   

I worship the Transcendent Uncaused Immaterial First cause of the Material Universe. 

We're celebrating His birthday in 9 days. ( Dec. 25th)

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