WTF? Playing or not?

Jul 14, 2009, 11:47 AM |

Okay, I don't want my blogging area to become a venue for complaining... But, I tried to play 'live chess" today". Created a seek... blah,blah blah.  3 different times someone accepted then either didn't move or made one move and waited for time to run low before aborting.  Is this a problem with the beta version, or they peeked at my profile and decided not to play?  I suspect you reading this don't know the answer either.  Have you experienced this?  If it's simply players changing their minds I can accept that to a point.  Except, I send chat messages like, "ready?", "are you there?", with no response.  I haven't intentionally offended anyone.  I know my ranking isn't great but that's why I want to play.  Either I win or loose, doesn't matter to me.  I figure I'm learning either way.

So does this happen to you?  Is it a clitch or what? 

Thanks for reading, next post will be more positive, no b*****ing!  No promises about the post after that, ;)