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Glad to be mediocre

Glad to be mediocre

Jan 14, 2009, 6:11 AM 1

After I got the woodstove's stutter to a roar and fed my familiars,two cats that is, one old and one that should go under a regime of anti-psychotic medications, I decide to once again set my lands before me in the form of chess games on this here retainer of worlds, chess dot com. It's at first an adictive critter. It can keep you up at night and I can recall the howl of the ol coyote as I fall to a novelty checkmate or click submit only to glimpse I left the queen to an enemy bishop hiding down a long hallyway tucked in adark corner, his bow tight with it's arrow. Then you see your energy, the squares lit yellow to blue, the screen clicks and your done, I murmer some explicative and pack me winters pipe and resign . So....You wonderin wher this old fellers goin with all this? Well as sam says, pull up an iceblock and lend an ear.

MEDIOCRE PLAYERS UNITE! My brothers and sisters let us not lose the innocent edge of playing as the average fallable and quirky idiots we are. Let not the rating deter one from staying on board. Chess is analytical to some and to others a little debbie snack cake between classes. Where one might be a connesiure of the fine wine of chess theory and the like,one may be a watcher of sunsets or ultimate fighting.To me (Uncle Walt) I play with the poetry of it, If some one is in a friendly type of mood you can chat a spell, if you got an ornery bear from some far off  land try to trap him, use his strength and arrogance against him. I like to think of the rook as a moving wall and I can hear the subwoofer of it as it rolls out across the board. The pawns, eight brothers dedicated to the cause. Young men, warriors all, entering the field of battle.The knights are  mounted Samurai with amazing stealth and surprise and if they choose, can hold one down almost magnetically. The bishops are sleek and fast. I feel the tension of them as they draw their bows (like the one that got my queen). The QUEEN is, as my grandmother used to say, the shiznit. Shes flying all over the place up and down the battlefield with hooves and knives sprinkled with matrix. KING is the center of your universe the holy buddah alla krishna christ of mount olympus. Keep him ,tie him up mentally with your heart before you start. That is your pulse. Thats just a tangent of my games. Any game I lost is when I forgot to hold him like the spring rain, in great reverence. Enjoy both winning and losing- play with metaphor as you play the game. Enjoy your own faults and stay here and play. Well I got to bring some wood insde see you all on the battlefield.

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