The PCL Combination of the Year

The PCL Combination of the Year


Hey fans, manager David here. I just wanted to share some chess analysis and highlights from our match. Every week I want to do this, but the task of analyzing these crazy GM-games ends up taking too much time. Here, for once, for your pleasure, some of the best moments of our week 8 match against the #1 Dallas Destiny.

First, we have the incredible combination/game that Danya played:

Somehow this game did not even get 20% of the votes for Game of the Week???

Seems like Danya should have won 5 of these by now, but I guess there's a lot of other great games being played around the league!

Here is the next opening Danya played:

All with a straight face, as I confirmed by rewatching his stream afterwards. To paraphrase him: "Oh yeah, this is all normal, I have a lot of experience in these positions, and here are the key positional factors and plans..."

And here is a cool puzzle from later in that same game:

This allowed Danya to come out on top of a long-time nemesis of his. He would lose an intense game to Xiong in the last round to finish with 3/4.

The biggest hero of the match for SF, GM Steven Zierk, had some highlights of his own:

and one round later:

Steven finished on 4/4! Mechanics fans will be happy to hear that both he and Danya will be back in action tomorrow  Tune in on 5:15 pm to catch it live.