James Bond-From Russia with Love

James Bond-From Russia with Love

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In 1963 the movie was released with Sean Connery as James Bond. In the opening scene there was a chess duel.It´s the International Grandmasters Championship in Venice ,Italy.The score is 11,5-11,5 and it´s the last decisive match between the Russian agent Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal) against the Canadian McAdams (Peter Madden).Kronsteen with the white pieces takes the bishop with his knight with a discovered check. McAdams makes a mistake and puts his king on h7.Kronsteen moves his queen to e4 with check again.

 Finally McAdams resign and says: "My congratulations sir, a brilliant coup"

We can see the moves here: 





Instead of moving his king to h7 it would have been better with his knight to e6.

On the last board as an answer to the check from the queen he can move his pawn to g6 but then white can win the queen with rock to f7 check.If he moves his king to h8 there is a check mate in 4 moves starting with rock takes knight f8 check.


This position is from a real game in Leningrad 1960 between Spassky who plays a Kings Gambit against Bronstein in the USSR Championships.The only difference is the removal of two pawns on c5 and d4.In the novel from 1957 which the move is based on he took inspiration from another game between Reshevsky aginst Botvinnik in 1955.People have found the game becuase Flemming wrote:"A Meran variation in the Queens Gambit" and the game ends on the 41 move with white´s rook to b8.


The use descriptive notation in the movie and they announce the moves to the audience and show them on a big  screen.We can see a mistake in the movie when Kronsteen moves his queen to e4 with check.The one in control of the big screen moves the queen in the right direction but in the next frame we can see that the queen hasn´t moved.  

 The chess pieces the used in this movie is called "French Lardy".

According to the french manufacturer Lardy exported large amount of chess pieces to Usa,Germany and England.

They had it´s peak in the 1950´s and 1960´s.The quality was really good with low prices.We can recognise the Lardy pieces because the knigt has a blocky head.The material they used was mainly Jura boxwood but also maple and softwoods. 

I have included three games.The first one is from the movie and the few moves they make.The second one is from the real game which the movie is based on and lastly the game from the novel.

Here you can watch the scene from the movie: