Bring on the Knight!

Bring on the Knight!

NM SHoshall
Feb 9, 2016, 10:58 PM |

I'm back and moving my knight in a circle!

After a bad loss in October 2015 I hadn't played in DCCL league play until this past Friday Feb 7th 2016. 

I found myself paired with the same opponent for my first game back. 

I just wanted to make sure I played actively.  I felt I played super passive in the game in October.

In this last Friday's game we will call that "Direct TV" Shawn plays active and with no fear.

It features a super active knight.  8 of the games 22 moves are done by the knight.  The knight takes a 4 consecutive move journey to get e4, g5,f7,d6 and back to e4 in a "circle".  Seriously.

The second October game which we will call "Cable" Shawn plays as passive and timid as a scared mouse.  Don't be like Cable Shawn.

Direct TV