DC Chess League---Prophylaxis--Schlechter imitation

DC Chess League---Prophylaxis--Schlechter imitation

NM SHoshall
Feb 21, 2010, 9:40 PM |

Hi All and Ashburn chess club,

This is my DC Chess league game Friday  Feb 19th, 2010 at the Arlington chess club.  Ashburn Chess club vs Arlington Rooks.

Thought I would include it after seeing some other games posted from our matches.  I believe this also has some good examples of Prophylaxis and/or Prophylactic thinking.  Concepts I talked about at our (Ashburn Chess clubs) Saturday February 13th meeting.  Specifically Blacks:  11…bb6, 13…h6, and 16…f5

The time control was 30 moves in 90 minutes and game 60.  My opponent was Geoff McKenna a strong local player who has won the Virginia State Championship 4 times in his career.

As far as the game goes Black plays the opening a little shaky and probably 6..Qf6 and 8…d5 are two moves that didn’t help his cause.  8…d5 was ill timed to break in the center before his king was safe or pieces fully developed.  White on the other hand may have been dancing his knight around too much in the middle game and bailed on the position to early with  18. Qh4 in time pressure.

Finally,  black may have wanted to play the game out a few moves more before doing his Carl Schlechter imitation (Schlechter is a master at the turn of the century, who was labeled the drawing master. Undeservedly so I might add).

Next Dc Chess league match is this Friday Feb 26th. Our last home match this winter season!