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DC Chess League: Classical Dutch!

DC Chess League: Classical Dutch!

Oct 17, 2011, 7:03 PM 8

This game is for the 1/2 dozen or so players in the world who play the Classical Dutch (tongue in cheek sorta :)).  In this game the board opens up immediately and a very unusual piece imbalance of a knight, bishop and 2 pawns for a queen occurs.  Not at all your Momma's Classical Dutch where you probably think closed center, methodical kingside assault by black while white slowly prepares e4 or plays on the queenside etc.

  This was a DC Chess League match game played just this past Friday Oct 14th in Ashburn Va 2011.  If I was able to win this game the Ashburn team would have won but I wasn't able to do that (drew) so we drew the Black Knights 3-3.

Final note: for those folks really interested in learning the Classical Dutch get GM Simon Williams video "The Killer Dutch". I thought it was excellent and Williams just cracks me up for some reason. 


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