Smooth win with 1. c4

Feb 14, 2015, 7:17 PM |

The other day I played badly and lost badly against my friend again.  We analyzed the game afterwards, so I wont do so here.  If interested, the game is here.

Anyway, yesterday I played a game that is the best I've played in quite awhile.  I had's computer analyze it and it only found five inaccuracies in my play, one of which I completely disagree with, another of which I partially disagree with.  So I'm very happy with my play, even if my opponent sort of "gave" me the victory.

So that turned out to be one of my best games in quite awhile.  Generally I get more pleasure out of games where I play well from start to finish (even if I do nothing spectacular) than when I win with a brilliant combination in a back and forth battle.

1. c4 seems to work quite well for me against strong players.  For example, last year I played the then state champion and should have won with it:

In two weeks I have an OTB tournament.  It provides plenty of motivation for me to analyze my games, so I probably won't post any analysis here.

All the best!