Toronto Closed 2009: Selected Battles... Part 2

May 31, 2009, 9:11 PM |

In the last installment of games from the Toronto Closed we had a chance to see two rather strong players on the losing end of the scale. Now those same two players who lost are up against new rivals and prove to be on the brighter side of the result.

Game 3: Man with a plan

In this game FM Michael Barron happily plays into a line of the Modern which is a slightly dubious choice by his opponent. Barron exploits the early inaccurasy by creating a passed pawn on the Kingside which his opponent finds unstoppable.








Game 4: Space Invader

Liam Henry faces off against the Punisher (from game 2) Roman Saposhnikov. Liam plays solidly and after a time his cautious play is met with a few small inaccurate moves by Black. The result is an excellent use of the King as a fighting piece as Henry invades the weaknesses in the enemy's camp.