What I find the similarity between Chess and  mahjong today?

What I find the similarity between Chess and mahjong today?

Sep 30, 2017, 8:30 AM |

This is by chance found from chess.com “four players style” and it's very 

pioneering job done by chess.com staff, good! The following three pics show what a good performance I achived in this debut hours ago, look!


What I think amusingly is below

1 The board is still on symmetry ,with equally pieces but not the King-Queen position, actually the man stares at the woman behind pawns, vice versa. 

2 The time cotrol is short (that's 1 minite)but if you play concentrately within 15 seconds per move it will be infinite time increment to consider. See I take all other three players with full time remained.

3 The board is bigger & longer ,consisted by big and small squares and no longer applied to some triangle route rules.

4 Queen can be promoted on the very centre of board which makes the lady even more powerful.

5 If the enermy 's king is ever killed, it can still be take into account for points.

6 You have 3 different oppnents whom -self are neither ally nor implacable foe.

7 This game is somehow like Chinese mahjong, as the popular saying goes on our mai-desk:" If I can't make a progress, the player right after (下家) could not make any progress in a deem. " But actually the winners is often the third or fourth accounter. So do not take it so narrowly, it is a sort of  epitome of the society. But I think Americans can make things more open and abroad, not only putting things in front of eye!


What  I conclude as useful skills in this newest funny game after only one  trying?

1 Defending is more important, as there are three enemies in three other directions, once you can only attack one oppent but has to  withstand three.

2 The quicker moving out and ocuppy the centre is no longer a golden rule, basically say the competation is not a 0-0 gambling model but rather a sophisticated delibration. Neither should you getting into the battle to late otherwise the late birds will not get a nice meal timely.

3 Since the the next-going player is on the left side of your board, in other words the king side, so you should put your king more seriously, and I suggest King's India defending system is prefered, or you played the reti or even Sicilian to switch into that  canonical form later in the middle game.

4 Tactics is no longer important than getting a piece into mount somehow.

5 Cheking the front player easily is the very path to get a good point.

6 The confronted player should not be more touched in any stage of the game untill last.

7 Do not resign too quickly.

8 The pawn and its structure is even more interesting than heavy  pieces including the queen.

9 The opening books should be newly expanded by thousands size threrefore much less decisive. 

 These tips are only  extracted by me after only one try of the game, and it will be more colorful as the experience accumulate, and now you can see what a smart and generalization-mind I have!