Why I get my chess.com membership cancled after one month probation on the account this  before?

Why I get my chess.com membership cancled after one month probation on the account this before?

Sep 19, 2017, 5:09 AM |

The answer is it do not share a fair value/price ratio in my opinion. So do not blame me Ameri-Yankees, I just say I want to say.You know you get a good advertisement on chess news and figures all these years ,broadcasting  open -sharing &community-style constructions for many group chess lovers from beginnesr to GMs, as well as you did a hard fill -reinforcement on chess database such as covering tens of top players' completely historical games which are very demonstrative. Your web is decorated with  highly flexiable functions that just meet all kinds of people 's need and favorite pursue; It's in the light of WSJ to the real world(comparaingly to tell chess.com to the chess world), get some nutrition form US chess news magzines. Very considerable in details designed and hommization realization、looked  audacious and  imaginary! Almost forget to mention there is an open code Stockfish 8 engine now based  under every games analysis upon different deepness.These are all good aspect unless you get known it cost nearly 100 USD/Y (600+RMB) as the top service on average. Living and working in PRC as a smart me,you could get more  redound with such resourse, you can buy some top commercial chess engine , etc Fritz, komodo and Houdini of  recent version that cost no  more than 3 dollars each, you can also buy chess books \magazines、traning sofware 、newest magadatabase(like 600 million games among thousands historial chess player names) ,mastering every chess details you can ever imagine cheaply,   you can dowaload many free e-books or buy some harder ones at a trvial cost on web-shops like even Taobao. China is too great on such ways , its   all-embracing stylish economic power can save and drag human being to the very next level somewhere of we ever want to be. The people can share with all  he have  at a coffee cost as long as you each other make real friends . Communist is an ocean that create many earnest things  we all want. Under such comparation, I switch my position from an chess.com fans to a self-maintained researcher, to write less, I will built an chess.cn  website which is you can descipt as the son or the brother of chess.com some tomorrow day as long as I get enough time and coding skills, because I have all the conceptions and innovation ideas on how to set it up, trust me, it will be better just firstly we can use more conmmercial engines to choose to hint for all level of funs around the world, of couse  that's not not at all. We pass a world then build a new one!