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The h7/h2 Attack System - part 1

The h7/h2 Attack System - part 1

Feb 4, 2013, 11:52 PM 2

This blog is about a h7/h2 attack system that a chess.com member develops over time on her own without reading a book. She reaches 1700+ in her rating in bullet chess and passes her knowledge and wisdom to me to share with others. The h7/h2 attack system is a versatile and universal system that attacks the Kingside castling position effectively either as White or Black against most openings. My bullet rating rises at least 300 points just by using this system.

Below is a diagram that depicts an idea of the h7/h2 system as White. 


This is part 1 of the h7/h2 attack system. I will add more parts to this system to further explain how this system works. There will also be examples and more details for savvy chess players. :) Feel free to comment and ask questions. 
Active links to other parts of the system that are currently available:

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