Annotated game vs. Tytonidae (win)

May 16, 2014, 10:03 PM |

I like to dissect my games with a fine-edged scalpel and mine all the lessons I possibly can from each one. I'm also always hopeful that every now and then my opponent will be interested in digging through this analysis together, too. (We'll see.)

Here's a recent game I won against Tytonidae (as always, as elsewhere lamented: whether I win or lose, it ends up being a major blunder that is the deciding factor <sigh>).

It would be awesome to get advice on my play (and my annotation) if anyone has some to give!

Please note that I mark moves with ! just to keep track of which moves stockfish agrees with (puts within 0.1 pawns of optimal). It doesn't mean "look how brilliant I am for making this move!"

Also note that I am well aware of the advice against relying on a computer too much for analysis. If I ever want to be more than a Class D player I'll take that advice to heart, but for me, for now, I really enjoy doing it this way.