My take on resigning

Apr 9, 2014, 12:01 AM |

Wow, there certainly are a lot of strong feelings to be found on the subject of resigning games!

I suppose I'll document my feelings on the subject, and point future opponents here so they'll know.

If I am winning

Stop! Don't resign yet!

Certainly don't resign just for being down a queen. Maybe you can keep my pieces tied up in useless locations. Then it will be like they're not even there.

Or can you find a way to force a stalemate or perpetual check? I expect you to do your best to make that happen! Want to hold out hope that I'll make a massive blunder? I've done it a thousand times! Why give up?

You never have to resign as a favor to me. I don't mind playing it out at all. Chess is not just about the outcome; I love trying to find the very best move in every situation. You should only resign as a mercy to yourself because you really don't want to play it out.

Keep in mind that I am not that experienced at actually delivering checkmate or preventing stalemate or really endgames in general. So it does nothing to help me when you resign. But again, you don't have to not resign as a favor to me either; do what you want.

If you are winning

Although there are very strong feelings on all sides, no one seems to agree about the right and wrong of resigning.

If you're reading this it's probably because I pointed you here early on in our game. Well, how about making your own post about your feelings on resigning, so I'll know?  Or just respond to me, "I agree with that" or "Yeah, I see it differently; just like to get on to the next game!" If you do that early on before we even know who's winning then it won't even be awkward. Just a thought!