A special service for the average chess player.

May 18, 2012, 7:59 PM |

I can do it, or you can do it, either way we can benefit.

This sort of service should already be in bookstores, but I don’t see it there yet.

I’m talking about chess problem diagrams on index cards. We see all kinds of study tools in bookstores but I don’t see any flash cards for serious chess players. Lots of books and cards for biology or language, but no cards for chess in bookstores.

We could develop chess flash decks that specialize in tactics or strategy or end game or openings. We could even tailor the cards for beginners or intermediate players.

 No, not that many cards, chess decks of less than 100 cards could sell and make a profit at 20 dollars each. One could make a  good selection of key problem positions and the rest is history.  If one plays cards right we could make a killing.

If we don’t do it, then someone else will.

Either way, I’m making my own chess index cards, and maybe I will buy yours that specialize in strategy or a specific opening.

UPDATE 8/9/12 (I have recently developed a collection (165) of basic key tactical positions on index cards. If interested, I can send you a free sample of these cards to your post mail address. You can send me a message through chess.com (SamV) or e-mail at galt6@sbcglobal.net.)