Candidates 2016: Stats

Candidates 2016: Stats

Mar 29, 2016, 12:08 AM |

The Candidates 2016 ended after 14 rounds and Sergey Karjakin finished on top with 8.5 point.


The two leaders Karjakin and Caruana had to play each other in round 14. Karjakin managed to win the game to finish on top. It was a tight race though and at the end only 0.5 point separated the 2nd and 7th place. 


Karjakin will play Magnus Carlsen in November in New York City. Both players in their mid-twenties which will make it the youngest world championship.



  • Eight players played overall 56 games, 40 of which ended in a draw (71.4%).
  • Players with most wins were Karjakin and Anand each winning 4 games.
  • Player with the most number of losses was Veselin Topalov losing 5 games.
  • Viswanathan Anand had the most number of decisive games (win or loss) winning 4, losing 3 and drawing only half of his games!
  • Anish Giri on the other hand drew all his 14 games! Making him also the only player who didn't lose a game throughout the tournament.
  • Giri had to share the place with Topalov though, when it came to not winning a single game!
  • Peter Svidler played both the shortest and longest games of the tournament.
    • The shortest game was Anand-Svidler in round 6 which ended in a draw after only 24 moves.
    • The longest game was Caruana-Svidler in round 13 which ended in a draw after 116 moves.
  • Players seemed to slightly favor 1.d4 over other first moves playing it 20 times
  • English and Queen's Gambit Declined shared the most frequent opening each being played 13 times followed by Ruy Lopez with 11.

  • Total 2611 moves were played, 46.6 per game. The games in the second half of the tournament seemed to be longer than the first half