May 19, 2011, 6:40 PM |

So first off I will say FUCK SOCIETY ah I feel better.. .. .. Do you? I have to say that I am quite disappointed in the way the world is headed we are not going to die from some giant apocolipse in 2012 thats just silly and if you really belive that then stop reading this blog because what I am going to say you just might need an IQ over 40 to appriciate or comprehend. I am not going to say anything epic in quallity or relevence to what really matters in this world but who cares thats the point in having a blog right? ok so here it is plain and simple . The world is changing any nincompoop can see that right? well the big apocolipse has already started people and there is shit all we can do about it have you noticed how in the last five years or so we have had more super storms and strange flues and sicknesses and its getting worse every year? well if you think about it the answer is simple we are making the planet warmer with all our tech and crap so now more and more of the ice melts hmm what killed all the dino's? i have a theory that whatever is in the ice that is melting is going to take us out slowly has been already even if its not what killed all the Dinosaurs it was here long before humans evolved and we dont exactly have emunitys to what has been frozen for our whole pitiful existence on this rock ok that being said ... it wont kill everyone and it wont happen all at once and it definatly will not happen on jan 1 2012 are the next few years going to be tough? yes .are we going to die as a species ? if only our poor planet was that lucky no we are going to be around for a while yet and we are going to hurt the planet a little longer. all that aside we are going to kill hurt and maim eachother a while longer as well humans are the only species on this planet that kill for pleasure and are mean for no reason the reason a thing like utopia cant exist is because of the human condition hmm there is an interesting topic maybe if i get enought people that read and comment on this blog i will make another just on the human condition I'm sure that I could come up with a few pages on that topic alone well i have taken enough of your time for now but I promise I will post again even if no one likes or agrees with me this was fun whats next?