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the end is near rofl

Dec 3, 2011, 5:51 AM 0

I cant belive it I am still running into people that figure the world is going to end in 2012 the worst part is most of them are religous i myself have not found God I think its fine that some people need that in their lives but i am taking another look at that opinion... I mean really what kind of God would lead you to belive that the world is going to end and everyone will die? hmm sounds to me like something the infamus Satan would say and want people to belive but I dont belive in Satan either I belive in gullible people I belive the human raced is so insignificant that even if there were some all powerful god that created the whole universe with its billions of galaxys he has long forgotten about making us it would be like you trying to remember making a specific letter in a school report you made when you were a child if a god did make the universe then its likley we are just a bi broduct of making the planet and the all powerful being has no idea we are even here and if one such being did exist and by chance happened to notice wwe were here i am just as sure it would be like you or i noticing an ameobea under a microscope well i have to go to work now i will try and blog again soon this is fun

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