Mate is in the air - just catch it!

Jan 15, 2010, 2:28 PM |

Hello everybody,

today I will share a position from a game of mine, which was very easy to win.

In fact, in this position it's a Mate in 7. Can you spot it?


If you didn't find it, I'm shure that you would have found a mate in up to ten moves, since black is winning easily here.




One more example of a "boring" game.  This is a mate in 5, and it's very easy to spot it. 


If you have a crushing advantage and  your opponent doesn't resign, you shouldn't be angry that the opponent plays it out.

A way to deal with such "boring" games in online chess is to find the quickest mate.

It will need some calculation that isn't necessary to win the game. But it's an exercise in mating techniques that might help you in situations where it is much closer.