A game isn't won until it's won

Jan 25, 2010, 5:15 AM |

Hello everybody,

today I want to share a position from a game that I lost after being one bishop and two pawns ahead with no serious threats against me.

Black has a passed pawn. The goal should be to  push and promote it. Maybe you have a good idea, what moves can follow next and what should be a secondary goal.  Whites f-pawn seems to be a nice target, because it's on a dark square. I can attack it with all my pieces.

And here I blundered my rook away with 35. ... a5 ?? and being sad about it I made a second blunder 6 moves later that lost the game.

Maybe it happened, because my opponent made his moves very fast what influenced me to play the game fast myself.  But that is bad time management. I had 3 days per move and  there was no need to rush. I think it was the same kind of: "Oh, thats easy to win. He'll resign soon. I don't have to think too much." that caused me to loose the game I presented in my blog post "a painful loss." 

It can be a problem, when you think you play better than your opponent and you have proven it by gaining a huge advantage. But then you become careless and blunder everything away because you are too shure, that you'll win easily.


No matter how easy it is, you still have to take the game serious if you want to win it.