Apr 19, 2012, 11:08 AM |

Cherished chess!

The charms of thy checkered chambers chain me changelessly. Chaplains have chanted thy charming choiceness;
chieftains have changed the chariot and the chase for the chaster chivalry of the chessboard,
and the cheerier charge of the chess-knights.
Chaste-eyed Caissa!
For thee are the chaplets of chainless charity and the chalice of childlike cheerfulness.
No chilling churl, no cheating chafferer, no chattering changeling,
no chanting charlatan can be thy champion;
the chivalrous, the charitable, and the cheerful are the chosen ones thou cherishest.
Chance cannot change thee: from the cradle of childhood to the charnel-house,
from our first childish chirpings to the chills of the church-yard,
thou art our cheery, changeless chieftainess.
Chastener of the churlish, chider of the changeable, cherisher of the chagrined, the chapter of thy chiliad of charms should be chanted in cherubic chimes by choicest choristers,
and chiseled on chalcedon in cherubic chirography.