I'm no less eccentric than the best of 'em

Dec 14, 2014, 4:24 AM |

Something happened today that made me realize that you don't have to be a grandmaster to be absent minded, it's quite enough to be a 1600 plus chess player.

I had lunch with friends at a posh hotel and was stepping out of what I thought was a door, but was actually a spotless and highly polished mirror in the wall that was reflecting the room I was in, chairs, tables, guests and all, and which from my angle looked like another room.

My thoughts elsewhere, as I tried to walk through the mirror, my shoulder banged hard into it. Startled, I thought I had bumped very hard into someone coming from the other side, and sure enough, looking up, I saw this rather hefty and stern looking character, wearing dark glasses staring grimly into my eyes. It had been a solid collision, and entirely my fault, and the way this big guy was glaring at me, I thought it best to start apologizing fast, so I bowed low and began mumbling nervously how clumsy it was of me, and only then realized that this hard boiled chap was li'l' ol' me. Looking around, I was enormously relieved that nobody had seen me apologizing profusely to my own reflection.