Trapped in the depths below 1600.

Mar 10, 2018, 11:44 AM |

My trouble, for which there is no solution it seems, is that I can't get going against players who are not challenging enough to get my adrenaline flowing. 

For a long time I was floating around in the upper 1600's. crossing 1700 4-5 times, and fully convinced that my proper place was at the very least in the 1800's. Trouble is I keep having bad runs, and once I end up below 1600, I start getting opponents of a matching level, against whom I seem to lose all my aggression and creativity, and completely run out of ideas. It takes months and months, to crawl out of this hole.

Currently I have been down there for what seems to me a year or so. One day I beat a 1700 plus easily, the next day I am crushed by a 1400 something. And this is happening after I have crossed 2000 games on chess dot com. I am aware that most frequently I lose because I give away a pawn carelessly, and am working on that aspect. But the fact remains that I am nowhere near my best.

I have no idea what to do about this problem. If I abort games chess dot com gives me a tongue lashing. One thing is for sure; I am losing regularly to players who are actually weaker than me.