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I Wanted To Play, But Life Interrupted

I Wanted To Play, But Life Interrupted

Nov 24, 2008, 10:06 PM 1

I was planning to play tonight, but life interrupted! The clothes washer and dishwasher both broke down last week. Yesterday my wife and I went shopping for new units, and tonight I received the privilege of installing the dishwasher. I was desperate to play chess, but it took longer than I had thought...

I finally finished the installation! Then, my son was reading aloud a book from the Froggy's series, A Day with Daddy. I still hadn't played chess! He reads so well. I just couldn't resist: I had to pause, and sit with him for awhile on the futon...

Then, the dryer was done--clean clothes! I was asked if I could make our bed. I was getting hot under the collar and spewed at my wife, "So I take it I'm not playing chess tonight!" Where did that come from? Ah, me and my frail obsessions...

Then, I remembered the saying "I know I've had a successful day, when I arrive at home and my children with there faces pressed up against the window are waiting for me."

It's beautiful when life interrupts.

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