Tactical Lessons

Feb 11, 2016, 7:56 AM |
Chris continues his rise up the computer levels.  As I've been coaching him, I've found that he most needs endgame knowledge and sharper tactics.  Last post dealt with the endgame, so this post I zero in on some tactical lessons from his most recent game.

In this position, White has a checkmate if Black takes the bait on f6.  Can you see it?

Black didn't play that, however.  Black played Qc6, giving a flight square to the king.  But through a sneaky tactical maneuver, Chris can win two pieces.  Can you see it?

Later when black had sacrificed all its material to stay alive, Chris had mate in one and didn't see it!  This position has three moves that deliver checkmate.  Can you find them?

I have no doubt that Chris will continue to move up the ranks.  I think he'll master level 3 very soon.  I expect him to spend considerably more time at level 4 as he'll need to expand and harmonize all his chess knowledge to defeat it.