My consistency sucks!

Jul 31, 2010, 11:53 PM |

My consistency sucks. Take my last 10 games today. They are like this: Loss, win win, loss, loss, win, loss, loss, win, loss. It seems I can never win more than 2 games in a row, which kind of leads into my next problem.

My "board vision" sucks! Maybe it's just one of those things that come with experience and practice, but I can never see the best move instantly it seems. Like the tactic trainer and Chess Mentor. It takes for me a while, usually after a few wrong guesses, to figure out exactly what the right move is. It's like I just don't see it or disregard it. Because of this, I usually don't do the best move during a game, which leads to my downfall. I can also never "predict" or look ahead more than a couple moves, and only then, if they do something different, I have to completely rethink what I'm going to do.

I also have one more problem. It seems like, pass the Basic opening sequence if I'm playing white picture below(I think this is called the 4 knight opening? Thought I saw that name somewhere on here). I have absolutely no idea what to do. Do I move Bb5? Then what? Do I take their knight and trade?  Or do I just do 4. d4 e5xd4 5 Kxd4 Kxd4 6. Qxd4.  It seems this spot gives me the most trouble in the opening sequence.

Like I said, hopefully this will all go away after a while of practicing and going over tactics and the like, which hopefully tools like the Chess Mentor will help me with (although I can never seem to remember exactly what to do when it comes up. Repetition is key here I guess!)

As Always, comments, suggestions, friend requests, etc. are welcomed!