The beginning of a beginner.

Jul 30, 2010, 1:06 AM |

This is really for my own record. I doubt anyone else will come across this blog. If you do, then I would really appreciate comments and such.

As the title states, I am a beginner (somewhat. I've been playing for a while, but didn't really know any strategy and such). Right now, my stats are this.







Decent, but below average right now. I actually started on this site 0-6, which came as a surprise, because I always thought I was decent. But this was a real eye opener for me, and it told me that I had much to learn if I wanted to become above average. Since then, I have been studying the basics: Point values of pieces (I actually didn't know they had values assigned Embarassed), Openings and the such.

Although I am still learning, since those 6 straight losses, I have gone 5/1/2. A BIG improvement, although, admittedly, I have been facing more weaker people, people closer to my rating.

That's about it right now. If you happen to come across this some way or another, feel free to shoot me a friend request or something. Perhaps you could teach me a thing or two. Smile

I also plan to post somewhat daily ones, if not every other day (life and such. What a pain :P ), so keep coming back to see how I'm doing and maybe help me along the way. Comments and such are appreciated!